Auditorium VILA VITA Parc

Basic Information

  • Size: 586 square metres / 6,307 square feet
  • Ceiling height: 3.45 - 6.80 metres / 11.31 - 22.31 feet
  • Panoramic glass façade
  • Separable
  • Podium if requested
  • 230'' LED wall
  • WIFI

The grand auditorium VILA VITA Parc is located on the first floor and provides space for up to 400 persons.  There are a lectern, a monitor for the speaker and discussion equipment. It is possible to transfer information from eight sources from out of the room to the LED wall.

Because of its size and flexibility, it excellently  suits events of all kind, whether they are corporate, cultural or private.

The conference hall consists of the room Vila Alentejo, Vila Flores, Vila Verde and Vila Da Capo.

Seating Arrangements*

Classroom Theatre Banquet
280 400 250

*Banquet seating is possible as well.

We would like to make you an individual offer. To do so, please fill in the form alongside or call us (+49 6421 6005 226).