Destination Marburg

The venerable university town in the heart of Germany with its narrow and winding alleys have been being the destination of numerous visitors ever since the 13th century. In 1235, the Deutsche Orden started to build the first Gothic hall church in honour of St. Elizabeth. The church attracted a lot of pilgrims to come to Marburg which is why it belonged to one of the major pilgrimage destination of the late Middle Ages.

Also later, many famous personalities of German history lived in the city by the river Lahn. Brothers Grimm had studied here before they wrote down the first fairy tales. Luther and Zwingli had their religious discussions at Landgrave Castle. The Nobel Prize laureate and discoverer of the diphtheria vaccine, Emil von Behring, lived in Marburg until his death.

The Congresszentrum is located within walking distance to the landmarks and sights of Marburg like St. Elizabeth Church, the historical old town and Landgrave Castle.

Discover Marburg as part of your event:

  • Guided city tour
  • Tour of the Landgrave castle or the St. Elizabeth Tour
  • Boat trip on the river Lahn
  • Visit to a museum or the Botanic Garden


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